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Okay, guys, it would be the right thing to welcome you to my site and tell you what wonderful things I have planned for you….and I do….but the honest truth is I’m gonna be slowly learning and researching with you as I go along with the process.  What’s my site all about?  You will be looking at a Lifestyle Enthusiast, Creative Guru, who will be combining, culture, history, art and beauty all in one.  You will get a little education, a little culture, a little history and beautiful art and it’s all for children because they need it the most in this country.

Sounds exciting?  It does to me and I can’t wait to set it up and show you what you’ll love.

Bon Appetit is usually used in cooking, break a leg in show business and now…..Carpe diem for living this life beautifully, building a new world and new life for our children.

Thanks for joining me on this ride!  Remember:  “Always be artistically and creatively focused and live life beautifully for God.”  



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Simply Dezigned Designs by Renee

Simply Dezigned’s Mission and Products

Simply Dezigned offers products and design services for children that teaches them culture, history, inspiration, art, and beauty all in one.  A design company specializing in designing products for children’s rooms and lives, we are also available to teach children art, sewing and other design skills to help them create a room and space all their own.  We also sell Amazon artistic supplies to help your child become more creative.

Come join us on this journey as we dress, uplift, educate, bring beauty and inspiration to children on their journey through life while bringing new life and interest to the space they call home.


Renee Robinson, Owner
“Simple Elegance for Children.”

Simply Dezigned’s Creativity Products