Creativity and Art Are Not Luxuries

Creativity is a sacrifice; instead of buying new shoes–try an art book or artistic product!

Teaching children to be creative is a love of mine but creating creative adventures for children is an even greater Love.  In this blog, I’m hoping that the importance of creating an atmosphere of creativity for your child or any child comes across.  As well, showing and guiding kids to creativity is even greater.

Just what is creativity?  Is it the ability to do art?  Well, that would weed out a large percentage of people not being creative and I don’t believe that to be true.  Is it singing, dancing, acting?  Well yes, each of these disciplines has an element of creativity to them but creativity is much more than one’s ability to disseminate the “Arts.”  It is the quality of thinking….thinking in ways that are not always traditional… Seeing things in a unique way.  Visit this link to see what teaching your child creativity can do?  Creating a Creative Genius.

Check out this video from CNN.  CNN Video on Creativity

So now that you understand what creativity is, let’s explain what it is not. It’s not placing your child in front of Barney episodes all day long, it is not allowing them to be on the internet or cell phone non-stop—but it is reading to them, doing crafts and art with them, exposing them to new ideas and motivating them to learn.

“Exposure to creative pursuits early in life is key to helping children get motivated to do creative things themselves,” said Shelley Carson, a psychologist at Harvard University and author of Your Creative Brain: Seven Steps to Maximize Imagination, Productivity, and Innovation in Your Life.

“I will be including a series of personal videos on a creative project to do with your child and my e-book “10 Simple but Creative Activities to Do With Your Child,” as a free download. YouTube videos to watch as well as articles on the topic and toys that promote creativity instead of taking away from it.

Kstars-in-my-eyes456391-floor-pillowseep looking for my blog as I explore with you ideas to help you and your child to get more out of being creative and to show how important it is for this new century.

“Be always artistically focused and life beautiful”……smooches!!