Living life, Not Wasting it!

I attempt to pass on information that will ignite conversation and help with understanding that it has become crucial for change in the African American Community.  This video explains how technology is changing the game plan.

When I was teaching, I was told from an African American, that I was treating my students like they were in a private school….and I almost lost my professionalism at this comment but I realized that most of us don’t understand that education is THE passport to growth and change or should I say learning is a passport to better including creating wealth and opportunity.  Because of this, I decided to start a business that can help address the issue as much as I possibly can.

As well, In an attempt to bring culture, art, history and significance to our children I have created products to help in that vain.  Check out my site: Simply Dezigned, Simple Elegance for Children and leave your thoughts, like me or purchase something for your child’s bedroom to help optimize their education.

Thanks for listening and be “Always Artistically and Creatively Focused, and Live Life Beautifully for God.”

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