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Okay, guys, it would be the right thing to welcome you to my site and tell you what wonderful things I have planned for you….and I do….but the honest truth is I’m gonna be slowly learning and researching with you as I go along with the process.  What’s my site all about?  You will be looking at a Lifestyle Enthusiast, Creative Guru, who will be combining, culture, history, art and beauty all in one.  You will get a little education, a little culture, a little history and beautiful art and it’s all for children because they need it the most in this country.

Sounds exciting?  It does to me and I can’t wait to set it up and show you what you’ll love.

Bon Appetit is usually used in cooking, break a leg in show business and now…..Carpe diem for living this life beautifully, building a new world and new life for our children.

Thanks for joining me on this ride!  Remember:  “Always be artistically and creatively focused and live life beautifully for God.”  



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