#3 of 7 Ways to Foster Creativity: Allow kids the freedom and autonomy to explore their ideas and do what they want creatively. Don’t create choice for them all the time!

I believe that sometimes we want our children to conform so much to what we believe will make them successful in society, that we tend to create fear.  What I mean is that we want to control every factor of baby-child-kid-girl-161593.jpegtheir behaviour so they don’t or won’t get in trouble.  I believe this is a hold-up from slavery and an apparently racist society who has always found something negative about our children and our race.  However, that can be the wrong approach.  I understand fears and belief systems but we are living in such an advanced technological society that those “old” ways are npexels-photo-730807.jpego longer working.  We have become the dinosaurs of the types of behaviour and thinking that needs to change if we want our children to progress through this maze of racism, fear thinking and acting.

I am not advocating that we teach our children to be rebellious and riot or tear things down, but I am suggesting an overhaul in how they see themselves as compared to what society tries to or attempts to make them believe they are.  This process can only truly happen by letting them overcome their fears of self, society and others through the process of allowing them the freedom to choose wisely.  Of course, you would set up the parameters for those choices, but at least they will feel like they have some say so.  When you start this process early, children become much more equipped to make positive, good decisions when they become adults.

How is this done?  By giving them the freedom to just be.  It may appear contradictory on the surface but if you look further, you will understand what I am saying.  Some par1ents allow their children too much freedom and others don’t allow enough.  The key is to give enough freedom with boundaries.  In other words, allow kids to explore and stop trying to control the outcome.  Of course, it is important to state that what they are exploring should be a constructive and not destructive element.  Freedom is not the license to do whatever one wants, it is the ability to explore in an environment of stability and support.

What does this have to do with creativity?  Remember creativity at the deepest level is just problem-solving.  If you let children figure out things for themselves, you’re building their ability to see life from different perspectives, (creatively) thus they have more understanding to solve problems and to make better choices.  This behaviour can become the way in which they view the world and challenges.  It is a healthy outlook.  Yes, values and beliefs matter too but knowledge of how our values play out and operate in real life is what I seek to find answers to.

If they get into a complex situation or problem, let them deal with the consequences or find out how to make a decision to change the problem.  Offer them choices but not solutions.  When we teach children they have a choice, they then begin to try and create problem-solving scenarios around those choices.  In other words, these are my limits…what do I want to happen good or bad.  Enough choice and consequence and they begin to see that their freedom and choice is dependent upon them, not external people or circumstances.

In a business environment, they are able to find solutions, problem solve and create a place in the world for them even in an environment of constant change and racism.  In other words, theypexels-photo-355952.jpeg know how to think and they know who they are because they have been allowed to explore options.

Take away those options and most children believe they can only do one thing or go in one direction.

Children need creativity, beauty and a foundation to develop and grow into the beautiful flowers that they can become……minus the sometimes thorny behaviours.

As always, Live life Creatively and Artistically focused and live life beautifully for God.  

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

Now let’s go create!!  For Ideas visit the link from Amazon below.  Happy creating.

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