#2 of 7 Ways to Foster Creativity is: Make Your Home a Petri dish for Creativity


Number 2 of 7 Ways to Foster Creativity is: Make your home a Petri dish for creativity. In addition to creative spaces, you need to foster a creative atmosphere.


A Vacant Lot Renewal–and a space for children.

Sounds good but how do you do that?  I can help you with this one.  I believe atmosphere is everything.  When my children were younger, I created a space for them to play and create.  They didn’t always use it, but it was there.  In that space, I had educational and non-educational toys, games, books, music and any and everything to help imagination to flourish.

Did it help?  Of course, it did.  The oldest is great with styling and fashion and the youngest gives me great ideas for my ideas.  I’m working on them, still, as adults to utilize that creativity every day.  They make small attempts to use their creativity but the biggest issue is being confident in its use.   Unfortunately, they are fearful of appearing different or of straying from their own culture and roots.

Acting silly is a part of creativity.

As much as I had it around them, they didn’t see enough of it around them in school and community to feel safe and confident to use it.  Although I’m an educator, I fought hard for African American children in the system I was in just to give them a great experience of learning, creativity, and productivity with limited resources.

Creativity in our community, as a whole, is thought to be only for those of us who are talented in art, music, dance or song.  That’s a big misnomer.  Creativity is an altogether different entity.  What do I mean by that?  Creativity is the ability to imagine and make that imagination become a reality.  Thus, it can be used in any industry, profession or discipline.  Creativity is not limited to traditional arts.  In fact, I believe it’s a shame that it’s not promoted more in other fields and interests.

I have friends who believe they don’t have any creativity because they don’t fit into one of the traditional artistic genres but I disagree.  They are creative; they just have to find there gifting and use it.  Some will always be more creative than others but nevertheless, using your gifting(s) whether big or small can take you to great achievements.

If your child does not fit into the traditional role of being creative, find what their gifting is and help them become excellent at it.  Surround them with those things that would help them flourish such as books, magazines, lessons, etc. around that gift.

I will be doing number 3 of 7 ways to Foster Creativity next week.  In the meantime, listen to this Youtube Video about Science Experiments that can be fun and creative using the arts.

Science Experiments

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