My thoughts on Art Education

Beautiful Alstroemeria’s

Art Education has been thought of as “teaching art,” however in my small estimation and years of experience teaching, it does way more than that.  In fact, Art Education is the foundation of a well-rounded education and should not be seen as fluff or something my kids can’t make money off of, or limiting it to dance, music, acting, and singing.  Art encompasses all of life because it brings real beauty to our otherwise mundane and boring lives.  It allows us to get a small glimpse of God through our daily lives…..then we begin to live for this beauty daily.  In essence, we begin to live for God.  Who hasn’t longed for peace, tranquility and creative expression?

We can find most of this in nature and our surroundings when we take the time to focus and look but more importantly, God equipped us with this same creativity, beauty, and ideals.  We then have a responsibility to bring that beauty to life and add a small glimpse of God to an otherwise mundane and sometimes thankless world.

Treat your child, family or significant other to a touch of beauty today.  I try to depict beauty in my life as much as I can through flowers, a painting (something you can do yourself and I’ll show you how), books, music, etc.  anything I can use to bring joy and happiness to my day.  Of course, life is not meant to be a non-stop joy fest.  There is occasional pain and “real life” interruptions, but who says we can’t keep this concept in our lives daily.  Life shoots by so fast, and if we don’t make a habit of the things we love, pretty soon we will look up and find it’s too late.

Choose JOY!  and remember, to always be “Artistically focused and life beautiful.”  Find your joy.

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