Creating Magic With Your Child

Assorted Crayons

Sometimes parents believe it would take a lot of time or even become expensive to expose their child to art and culture.  This is simply not the case.  It is an easy process just to get started.  As they grow, it might become a little more costly but even that is subjective, depending on what you want to expose them to.

One easy project you can do with your child is to keep art materials like crayons, colored pencils, markers, paints and drawing paper around the house.  Let your child first explore what to do with them before offering any suggestions.  Give them paper to write or draw on so they are not tempted to write on the walls.  And if they do, make sure you have a specific wall covered with paper that they can freely write and draw on.  The more they are exposed to these materials, the more likely they are to become innovative with them either by drawing or using them in unusual ways.

Don’t be afraid to let your children try something different.  It stifles creativity when we try to manipulate the outcome.  Children learn best by exploring.  Give them the freedom to make mistakes, to do it differently than what you would do or what is already done.

As they grow older, you might allow them to take more formal classes helping them develop in that skill or talent.  At some point, they will become better, especially if they are passionate about it.  Formal education will help direct that process.  But in the meantime, let them be free to explore.  If you don’t want to invest lots of money….use free or relatively inexpensive resources such as the Dollar Store, Pinterest, and Google to gain ideas as well as the free or reduced cost resources in your community.

The library, museums (on free days), events in the community, local travels are all great resources.  In fact, your tax dollars help pay for their use.  Why not take advantage of them?

When I was growing up, the best thing my mom did for me was to allow me to explore my passions and send us to the library weekly. She also introduced me to artistic/cultural events like theater, music summer camp and dance.  This allowed my creativity to flow and flourish while my interests turned into passions.  She also bought me lots of educational toys, books, and music.  

Exposing your child to history, culture, art, and beauty will help them see a world full of possibilities instead of hopelessness even if they never become “artists.”  Their future is at stake and it’s in your to leave them a great legacy.  Use the links below to help you get started on this exciting opportunity to help your child develop the creative genius he or she already is. 

Art Education Ideas
Free Museum Days Calendar

Until next time, “Be Always Life Beautiful and Artistically Focused”.


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