New Beginnings

My first post after transferring from Well, like everyone else, I tend to jump on the bandwagon for the latest and greatest especially when I find out the benefits of the bandwagon.

WordPress is a better blogging format and I hope to grow with it so come on in and enjoy my new found format and voice.

I hope to bring you interesting things about my company and products that you can use……the aim is to offer quality service and products at decent prices…..

Renee Robinson, Owner
Simply Dezigned, “Simple Elegance for Children”

So my first post is to introduce you to me and what I do.  I’ve thought a lot about children, having dealt with them most of my life, and what are some important growth and developmental things they need to flourish.

As a former teacher, this has always been on my mind but I’ve finally found a way to bring my love of kids together minus using the classroom, and design by creating an atmosphere of learning from where they live….their homes….their rooms.

My joy is to offer products and decorating services to children and their parents to help them design a space that enhances them educationally, inspirationally, culturally, historically and artistically.  You can use me and my expertise through my products and blog to accomplish this, or I can come where you are and help create this environment.


“Always be creatively and artistically focused and live life beautifully for God”…..smoochespexels-photo-97230.jpeg

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